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Shopping for a Trailer Tent? Look no Further!

Your camper trailer tent is more responsible for keeping you protected from the elements than any other part of your camper. Consider a high quality, sturdy trailer tent from Swag Camper Trailers to keep light pollution, weather, and insects from invading your space. Camper trailer tents enable you to relax and sleep soundly while camping.

Camping, spending the day climbing, hiking, swimming and being otherwise active are great ways to bond and have fun with loved ones. Once it's time to settle down, you need a trailer tent that will keep you comfortable. Look to our camper trailer tents if you're after a trailer tent that's easy to set up and take down. Instead of figuring out how to set it up, you can spend more time laughing and sharing stories with family and friends.

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Find the Right Camper Trailer Tent for You

Our 9 ft heavy duty canvas standard tent has the strong foundation possible. The steel mounting base frame measures 50 x 25 x 3mm. At the centre, this trailer tent reaches 2.3 metres in height. The side walls are 1.70 metres tall.

The bedrooms awnings and internal and external roll up bedroom window flaps of this trailer tent are made with high quality zippers. They won't get caught when rainy weather strikes and you need them more than ever. All of the mesh windows in the 9 ft heavy duty canvas standard tent will prevent mosquitoes and other insects from disturbing you. The twin air vents under the bed will keep you cool and refreshed in the summertime.

The Best Camping Experience

Our 12 ft heavy duty canvas standard tent is 2.6 metres high in the centre, while it is 1.85 metres tall at the sides.  This gives you plenty of room to move!

The 9 ft Kwik-Fold tent can go up and come down in a matter of mere moments. This trailer tent is one of the most portable units and fantastic to take camping. Its built-in tropical roof over the main tent area offers extra sheltering from adverse conditions. The Kwik-Fold also comes with an optional wet weather fly.

An inner spring mattress and two side doors are available on the 9 ft heavy duty canvas rear fold tent. Its aluminium wide step ladder makes stepping into this trailer tent very easy.

When you want the best trailer tent, trailer or camper trailer accessories, browse Swag Camper Trailers’ collection. Give us a call or visit our website for a quote today!

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