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About Swag Off-road Campers

The Swag Story…

SWAG Camper Trailers is proudly leading the way in Camper Trailer & Off-road Hybrid Caravan design in Australia.

Swag is a truly national company with showrooms in Brisbane, Lismore, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sunshine Coast, Adelaide, Perth & North Queensland – we are still 100% family owned and operated since 2008.

In this time, our focus has always been on delivering a quality product at an affordable price to Aussie families – from first time campers to experienced enthusiasts we have something for you.

SWAG have earned their reputation as being the best value manufacturer with the highest quality and best Camper packages in Australia, mainly because of their commitment to the research and development of their products.

It’s not uncommon to see our team out most weekends on the tracks with their families in tow, testing out the campers and really putting them through their paces.

The S.C.T. Story…

In 2014 the company moved its main production facility offshore to remain competitive with what was a rapidly changing RV & Camper Trailer industry.

In 2014-15 Swag progressed into forward fold campers then in 2017 the company embarked on a new 10 year business plan to change their entire business model from off-shore reliance to 2nd stage controlled manufacturing in Australia.

In 2017/18 it became obvious that just about every camper & hybrid van coming from China looked the same apart from some minor floor-plan configurations. We needed to find our own point of difference and embarked on a new design phase for every single one of our models.

The plan was to take each of our models and completely redesign the product from the ground up right here in Australia. Important to this plan was our employees.

As a family-owned business, we value Australian jobs but the cost to manufacture a camper in its entirety is still significant and the reality is 95% of what goes onto an “Aussie built” van is imported anyway.

We broke our manufacturing processes down into key phases. The major problem we found with all caravans and campers no matter if they were imported or not, was the control surrounding ‘Critical Componentry’. This was the area that we as a business knew we could control and this became our core focus.

In 2019 our GM spent a considerable amount of time overseas working with our manufacturing partners to improve quality and educate them on what was needed in our campers. Then in 2020 COVID-19 hit and the ability to travel to the factory stopped.

Whilst most importers turned to “off the shelf” designs in order to keep up with demand, we were confident that the education process we had put in place and the one-on-one time spent overseas would enable us to transition away from the ‘cookie cutter’ mould and pursue new designs for the Australian R.V industry.

After thousands of hours on Video Calls, over $1m in prototyping and several tooling changes later, we have successfully morphed our entire business away from the ‘same/same but different’ looking hybrid camper seen by other manufacturers in the Australian R.V Industry.

This S.C.T. Range reflects what was one of the first significant design changes we made to our fleet. We could see that there was a need to move away from the fold out rear bed as seen on other imported hybrid campers. Although cheap to build, we discovered the that the fold out back system was quite restrictive in that it was a heavy manufacturing process resulting in a heavy product. We wanted to start embracing new composite technologies already being used by other R.V manufacturers throughout the world.

We found our customers wanted:

  • a simple set up,
  • the camper must be always ‘ready to go’,
  • light weight,
  • easy to tow
  • and flexibility with some minor custom options in the van.

The S.C.T Range is now in its 6th Generation. Customers can be assured that Swag will continue to work with their Australian Based Componentry partners to harness the latest in technology from around the world and adapt it into their designs.


After a long wait, through no fault of Swag, we finally took delivery of our Swag SCT13 today. Terry gave us a very in-depth handover and we left the showroom feeling confident.

Sheralyn Elston

Great experience with friendly helpful sales staff that really take the time to listen to your needs and competitive pricing. If you are looking for a caravan or camper trailer give these guys a go.

Michelle Bleakley

Could not be more impressed with my new Kimberley camper!

Julian Edwards

Amazing service from Adam and David. Great campers and hybrid off road vans with heaps of features at great prices.

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