Warranty is only valid for the first purchaser. Any changes to the trailer void the warranty.

All warranty claims must be submitted in writing and accompanied by photographs of the complaint. The trailer must be returned to Swag Camper Trailers Pty Ltd for any warranty claims. Costs for transportation to and from Swag Camper Trailers Pty Ltd will be at the customer”s expense.

We do not cover items for warranty if the warranty claim arrives out of misuse, accidental damage, overloading, incorrect fitting, or use for purposes other than for which it was designed.

In the event that Swag Camper Trailers Pty Ltd accepts a warranty claim, we reserve the right to repair or replace, less transportation costs if any.

Please note, warranty does not apply to general wear and tear, Tyres, Wheels, Rims, Bearings and Paint. Wheel nuts may loosen after the first few kilometers of use and must be checked and re-tightened as necessary. Swag Camper Trailers Pty Ltd will not be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from your failure to check and re-check wheel nuts.

Warranty excludes zippers, clips, screens and tie down points.


Industry leading structural warranty covers the draw bar and chassis only from fatigue and has a guarantee for a period of Five (5) years from original date of purchase. 5 Year structural warranty does not apply to the Koala or Seeker models.

Swag Camper Trailers reserves the right to change information, specifications, images and prices so please contact us for the latest details.

For all warranty claims, please complete the form below, our staff will contact you shortly.

Warranty Request Form

Please complete the form below. All fields marked with a * must be completed.

Please describe the issue as clearly as possible.

Please include at least 3 photos that show the issue clearly.

“No Warranty Claims will be processed without Photos of the Problem.”

This will help us determine the best course of action in the fastest time possible.

Attach Images *


Please be patient and allow your form time to send. Time required will depend on the size and number of images you have attached. Thank you.

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