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Australia is a land of extremes. From scorching hot sunshine to drenching rains, this great land has it all. Given what your camper trailer’s canvas is exposed to, it’s important to maintain it properly to extend its life and preserve the value of your camper.

SWAG prides itself on the quality of its products and its canvas is no different. While SWAG canvas products are built to last, regular maintenance is always a good idea.

Regular maintenance is key to preserving the life and value of your camper

Beware the damp

Dampness is a major enemy of canvas. Before packing your camper down, it’s a good idea to let it dry. If this isn’t possible – and let’s face it, sometimes packing up is a chaotic rush – lay out the canvas when you get home to properly dry it out. Keeping your canvas dry is a good way to protect against mould and rot, which will significantly affect the life of your camper.

Regular leak checks

Leaks can happen occasionally, regardless of how well you maintain your canvas. You can conduct leak checks by setting up your camper and hosing it down to see where water may make its way into the interior of the camper. Or, if you’re feeling brave, wait until you’re camping in the rain! ‘Seasoning’ your canvas involves hosing it down (or somehow getting it wet) and then letting it dry again. Canvas fibres ‘contract’ with the wetting and drying process and help prevent small holes from becoming large holes. If you have a serious leak, it is best to seek the advice of a professional.


After ‘seasoning’, it is a good idea to waterproof your canvas using one of the many waterproofing products available on the market. In the long term, this will help preserve the integrity of your canvas and minimise the chance of leaks. Pay careful attention to wetting the seams – this is where leaks are likely to occur. Prevention is better than cure! While you’re waterproofing, you might as well spray your zippers with a silicone spray to keep them running on their tracks smoothly. There’s nothing worse than stubborn zippers when you need to make night-time toilet visits!

Keeping it clean

Clean canvas is happy canvas! Dead bugs, bird droppings and dirt and dust can all combine to make your canvas look less than appealing. You can dry brush your canvas after you pack down your camper using a broom. It’s also wise to clean your canvas annually using a hose and brush. Stubborn stains should be removed, as these will become more ingrained in storage, making them even more difficult to clean. Never use detergent or soap products on your canvas.

Camper Trailer Canvas Care: Essential Tips for Preserving the Life of Your Camper

An investment in travelling.

Your camper trailer is an important asset. It’s your key to exploring this wonderful country. It provides shelter from the elements and a place to lay your head. Looking after your canvas is a significant part of camper trailer maintenance. Ensure you preserve the life of your camper by engaging in proper canvas care, so you have the confidence to hit the road knowing your home on wheels is in tip top shape.


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