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western australia

Camper Trailer Western Australia Destinations

Western Australia is a beautiful state that covers a third of the entire country. The one state taking up 2.6 million square kilometres. It’s made up mostly of parched, dry outback. But, that just gives it the reputation of being known for it’s amazing landscapes. Also, most of the population lives in the south-west corner of the large state. This time in this article, there will be four locations instead of three.


Coral Bay, Ningaloo Reef

Our first area for Camper Trailer Western Australia is Coral Bay located in Ningaloo Reef. And, just by the name you can tell it is a marine paradise. Known for it’s spectacular coral gardens and white beaches. Coral Bay hosts a small seaside town. The great thing about Coral Bay is the all year round beach weather. And for good reason. Such as, floating around with the local manta rays or swimming along with sea turtles. there is also opportunities to learn how to dive or if you’re more of a land person there is quad bike trekking.



Like Coral Bay, This place is all about the stunning ocean views. Kalbarri is located six hundred kilometres North of Perth. Known for the seaside cliffs and rocky gorges and the local dolphins and Humpback Whales that like to hang around. Hawkes head lookout is definitely one place to visit whilst in Kalbarri. The most important place to visit is the very famous Pink Lake, that is, yes pink. Also has a boardwalk beside the Island rock and natural bridge.


Francois Peron National Park

Francois Peron National Park was once a pastoral station. The park’s northerly tip, has picnic tables, toilets, interpretive signs and beach access. An impressive array of marine life can be seen from two lookouts perched on the cliff at nearby Skipjack Point Lookout. Which is unmissable. large red dunes and thirsty shrub land next to light clear blue water. This place offers remote camping sites and access to beaches and fishing spots.


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