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Essential Camping Trip Items

Some essential camping trip items are needed whether you have a luxury camper trailer, or a tent on an unpowered campsite. The holidays are approaching quickly, so SWAG decided our latest post will be a list of essential camping trip items to take.  Without further ado, here we go!

  • Food, something that can be cooked on a campfire or portable gas grill like sausages, steak, grilled veggies etc. You will need an esky if there is any meat. Try and get foods that won’t spoil easily if you are camping for a while. Alternately, buy food on the day if you can.  So much easier to set up, cook and clean.
  • Cooking supplies: If your area doesn’t have fire enabled campsites then some sort of portable gas grill will be required. Check out somewhere like Big W or Kmart. Outdoor stores have some great backpacking options but a cheap propane stove will suit the more budget-conscious. Make sure to bring utensils, plates, cups, and cooking materials. Camping pots and pans are useful just because they store away much smaller, but. I tend to use plastic plates, and a couple of mugs too.
  • Sleeping bag and insulated mats. Air mattresses shed heat and make you freeze in the night. If you are one of the lucky ones to own a SWAG camper trailer, you won’t need to worry about the mattress!
  • Headlamps, flashlights are awkward when you trying to do anything at night. Headlamps are far superior. Lanterns are rather nice as well for camping, you will just need to be aware of the flammability.
  • Toiletries. Even in places where they have toilets having your own supply of toilet paper and hand sanitizer is a good way to go.
  • An Esky or two. Yes, for car camping this is essential. You would also need this to store food. Having a cooler for water with a spout is also very helpful.

That’s the essentials, but there are other nice-to-have camping trip items to bring:

  • Guidebooks for things to do the next day
  • Folding Camp Chairs
  • Blankets for around the fire, and in case it gets too cold at night
  • Pillow
  • A tarp, maybe two
  • Big plastic tub for washing up plates & cutlery

This list is by no means exhaustive but is a good start for your trip. A lot will depend on your destination, camping location and facilities available. SWAG Camper trailers have some of the best-equipped camper trailers on the market and some super deals. Why not check us out today!


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