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Getaway with Camper Trailers

With so many travel plans overseas now cancelled indefinitely, have you ever considered a getaway with camper trailers?

There are many benefits to camping, including going around supporting the small, local businesses during your stops, getting out in the fresh, open air and generally enjoying time as a family or a group of friends.

Now more than ever is the time for all Australians to:-

  • TAKE CARE of each other – we are all in this together!
  • SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS – buy your food from the local blokes – not the supermarkets.
  • EXPLORE – we have a beautiful & amazing country. Time to explore it.
  • REMEMBER – there are still communities suffering from drought and the fires – VISIT THEM.
  • THINK – If you are “crook” – stay at home until you’re better.

If you’ve been thinking about the best time to get away with school holidays around the corner, now is the time. Get yourself into a portable home and help out businesses doing it tough.

By buying a Swag Camper Trailer, you go a long way to helping us through what will be a stressful time for our economy. Be assured, we only use appliances that are well known Australian brands like Thetford, Camec, Lion, Narva etc. All plumbing, gas and electrical are fitted by qualified tradesmen here in Australia to comply with the local regulations. This is how we do our bit to keep locals in work.


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