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Swag Camper Trailers have won the 2020 Camper Trailer of the Year Award for ‘MOST FAMILY FRIENDLY CAMPER’. The X13 Explorer Hybrid Van was put to the test in November 2019 and the results are clear.

If you are looking for a great all-round family van then look no further then the X13 Explorer 4-6 berth Family Hybrid.

“Our team have achieved their goal. We set out to create a family-friendly van that was easy to tow, simple to set up and was suitable for so many Australian families. It ticks the box for off-road capability and affordability so I couldn’t be prouder of everyone’s effort”
Adam Mathieson (General Manager)

Some of the judge’s comments:

“The Swag Raptor X13 Explorer is a 13ft hybrid aimed squarely at families and hits that target by combining a swag (pardon the pun!) of sleeping space and storage inside with a whole bunch of hybrid camper features. It has the potential to tap into that market for people who want to get their kids off the grid and show them what the outback is really like. If you have two or more kids you would, at a bare minimum, want to be looking at this camper.” – David Cook

“This camper holds the potential to get the next generation of little travellers into this Great Brown Land and making memories that will last a lifetime”. – Kath Heiman

This Swag hybrid has a level of robust redundancy that will get family groups ‘there and back’ — via the Outback- Scott Heiman

As with a lot of hybrids, an X-Factor is a quick set up and the large storage volume this style of camper affords, but with the Swag it’s also the focus on the internal living room, that is essentially all potential sleeping spots, and is capable of handling up to six easily – Tim Van Duyl

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