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Best Camper Trailer Maintenance Tips

At SWAG Camper Trailers, we know you want to take the best care of your new camper trailer. Do you wonder how to do that? No worries, today we have devoted a section of our All About Camper Trailers page to just that!

In short, regular maintenance is incredibly important. Not only does it keep your camper trailer mechanically safe for your family, but it also keeps it in excellent cosmetic condition. If you feel unable to do this yourself, get in contact with us for further advice.


  • Repack wheel bearing and adjust if necessary
  • Greasing coupling
  • Greasing suspension components
  • Tension all nuts and bolts before and after every use
  • Adjusting locks and seals
  • Wheel alignment
  • Seasoning tent regularly
  • Make sure all lights are working
  • Check electrical cables for potential damage
  • Test tyre pressure as per recommendations
  • Check condition on all tyres including spares
  • Check wheel nuts are tensioned including spares
  • Make sure the hand brake and electric brakes are adjusted and in good condition
  • Adjust brake shoes if brakes are loose
  • Apply rust prevention products
  • Touch up any chips quickly to prevent rust stains
  • Regular cleaning of your camper trailer will stop erosion of the paint
  • Clean water tank internally and externally
  • After returning from your trip, remove all water from your water tank
  • Drying out tent thoroughly after each use

Making sure you take care of all these things on your camper trailer before, during and after your trip will ensure you’ll stay on the road safely.

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