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Camper Trailer Tent – Seasoning

It is important to remember, like most brand new things, your canvas tent needs to be prepared for the outdoors. This is called “seasoning” your tent. Following this process will help make your tent’s sewing holes close up and increase its waterproofing ability.

If you are uncertain on how to do this, we have prepared a Seasoning Your Camper Trailer post on what to do. If you follow this process, your camper trailer tent should give you many years of service

At Swag Camper Trailers, we pride ourselves on having the best camper trailers available. This is second only to our customer service. We want you to be 100% happy with your camper trailer. To do this, we have created an information portal to go and find out updated information about what we do and help you get the most out of your purchase.

Below is an excerpt of the information available about seasoning your camper trailer tent. This information is an extract from 4WD Action.


You should set your tent up as if it was in a showroom, picture perfect, almost textbook if you like, and use all the pegs, all the poles and all of the guy ropes that the tent is supplied with. How you set up the tent now, is how the tent’s memory will be formed. This will prevent shrinking in the future and is best practice. Not the time to be indifferent and believe it doesn’t matter.


After you’ve spent some extra time to make sure the tent is set up correctly, start wetting the tent down. Make sure all the windows and zippers are closed properly. With a hose, first wet the tent down lightly. Then, focus on all the areas that have been stitched and waterlog the materials the best you can. It should take 3-5 minutes to really drench a camping tent.


Leave the tent to completely dry. It’s best to do this process over a few days. Wetting the tent down and letting it completely dry out, and then wetting it down again. Ideally repeating this process at least 3 times. Finally, when it is completely dry, pack it away ready for use. The reason we repeat the process is to give the material and thread the best chance it can possibly have of sealing of its own accord. After three times the effect of the process is somewhat lessened to where the canvas and thread have shrunk and expanded as much as they can.

Happy Camping!

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