REFUND POLICY: Please be mindful that deposits are not refundable when goods have been ordered and allocated stock is set for delivery.

Whilst we always strive to meet customers requested expectations for handovers, we WILL NOT refund deposits because of:

  • Delayed shipping or shipping faults.
  • Port congestion.
  • Supply issues due to international shipping.
  • Changing your mind.
  • Delays because of COVID related government measures.
  • Change of mind or reasonable circumstance

SUPPLY CHAIN: Due to a massive surge in product demand and COVID 19, we may not be able to supply items that are coming from 3rd party suppliers such as fridges etc. on the day of handover. We will contact you ahead of time if these parts are not available and either arrange alternate shipping, a refund of the product or an alternative option.

DELIVERY DATES: The delivery date is an estimated time frame and may vary depending on production. This could be earlier or later then the actual date depicted. SWAG make no guarantee on delivery expectations due to COVID 19 and the nature of importing goods into the country.

TOW AWAY RULES: It is against the law to release a camper trailer to a customer if they do not have a vehicle suited to towing the selected camper. We are also unable to release a camper if the customer does not have electronic brakes fitted correctly to their vehicle.

COOLING OFF PERIOD: Customers will have 5 days to seek a full refund of their deposit from the date of the deposit payment should they ‘change their mind.” From this point on, deposits are not refundable.

RESTOCKING: Should a customer change their mind and/or cancel their order SWAG will charge a $1000 fee to cover the costs of administration.