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Frequently Asked Questions

Bearings, Shock Absorbers, Studs & Seals

Looking some spares???? The Best way to ensure you get the correct seals, nuts and bearings is to remove them from the trailer. To assist we have provided this guide below…

Bearings– For most of our range the following bearing numbers are as follows:

  • SEAL SIZE – 57.15 x 85.73 x 9.52
  • BEARING KOYO HI-Cap 25580/20
  • BEARING KOYO HI-Cap 15123/245

Tyre studs (Camper Trailers only): 13mm stud 19mm nut.

Monroe Off Road Shocks: Part #331046MM

Bike Rack Solutions

The Grip-sport Van Rack system should” fit on the existing A-Frame configuration of the SCT13. 16 & 18 MODELS. You will need to use the 850mm Tall Post system. Download Here-

It is important to note that Swag are not Bike rack manufacturers and will not be held liable should the system you install not fit your camper.

Tyre Pressures


  • For Normal Highway driving, 46-52psi is fine in campers and vans.
  • For off-road use you may need to reduce the pressure to 28-34psi depending on the road surface. In heavily corrugated or rocky roads you MUST slow down and you may need to reduce pressure further.
  • On sand, the tyres can go as low as 14psi however you must drive to the conditions or risk popping the tyre off the rim.

This is a guide only and does not account for all circumstances. Owners must always drive to the conditions.

My Water Pump Pulsates

Read this guide – HERE

Can my camper go off-road

YES – All our trailers are fitted with our premium Off-Road Suspension system complete with Heavy Duty Springs and we proudly fit MONROE Off-Road Shocks. The campers are designed to be used on Gazetted Roads & Tracks in Australia. Owners MUST drive to the conditions. Negligence, Abuse, wear and tear are NOT claimable under Swags Warranty. Please see Warranty Terms.

Do I need an electronic brake controller?

YES – It is mandatory that Electronic Brake controllers are fitted to your car for all our trailers in all states of Australia

Can I legally tow my camper?

This is a really important question. You will need to check your vehicles towing capacity and tow rating prior to collecting your van as we can’t release a trailer if it is being towed by an inappropriate vehicle. Whilst out team may be able to assist with confirming this decision, ultimately we are not liable should your vehicle not be suitable for towing the camper purchased. This is the responsibility of the owner.

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