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Warranty Information & Product Support


At SWAG Camper Trailers (Swag), we are committed to supporting every unit we sell, which is why we offer a range of warranty options on our products.

By purchasing from SWAG Camper Trailers,  you will benefit from:

  • Prompt warranty communication (normally within 96 hours of lodging a claim)
  • All repair work guaranteed by our trained staff


If your claim relates to a product supplied by SWAG through a 3rd party supplier/ company such as fridges, hot water units, TV’s, batteries etc, then you MUST refer to the individual product warranty from that manufacturer.


For SCT Off-Road Products including SCT Shocks, SCT Solar Blankets, SCT Fridges – these items carry a 12 month ‘Back to Base’ Warranty. This means the customer must return the item to their nearest dealership or place of purchase for inspection prior to any warranty being offered. Swag is not be liable for any transport/freight/travel or postage & handling costs relating to these products.


The following information relates to campers, vans and RV’s manufactured & sold by SWAG Camper Trailers PTY LTD. Please read all the information carefully. By purchasing from SWAG Camper Trailers PTY LTD you hereby agree to the Terms & Conditions of this warranty. 

  1. All SWAG Camper Trailers are covered by a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty from the original date of purchase. Please retain your sales invoice for the product as this is proof of purchase and must be presented when making a warranty claim.
  2. 5 Year Structural warranty – Our Industry leading structural warranty covers the draw bar and chassis (ONLY) from fatigue for a period of up to Five (5) years from original date of manufacture.
  3. All Warranties apply to the original buyer and from the original date of purchase (collection date) only. The warranty is not transferable or deferable in any way. Once sold or otherwise disposed of by the original purchaser to any third party, all warranties cease, and the original purchaser shall make no claims or be eligible for any claims on behalf of any new owners.
  4. Items only covered by a limited 12month warranty include:
    • Consumable Parts such as Wheels, Wheel Bearings, Tyres, Rust, Lights, Tent Zippers, Tent Lights, LED Lights, Vinyl etc. SWAG supply spare parts if needed which can be purchased (postage will apply).
    • Impacts or stone damage to body, chassis or running gear
    • Soiling of fabrics and internal fitments from dust, water or other substances
    • Movement or damage caused by or as a result of hard impact or heavy landings on severely rutted roads or tracks
    • Water damage including when caused by water crossings, weather events, damaged seals or leaks.
    • General damage arising from misuse or neglect
    • Rubber Seals, Sikaflex, Glue or Trim seals
    • Damage because of Off-road use where the road is not suitable for travel
  5. Warranty covers factory faults only. The warranty does not extend to cover damages caused by improper use, poor maintenance, wear & tear or mistreatment. This includes the use of the vehicle on non-gazetted roads in the country of Australia.
  6. Warranty does not cover damage due to ANY modification of design, accidental damage or collision, misuse, abuse, incorrect assembly, improper and irregular/inadequate maintenance.
  7. The purchaser must follow the instructions, care and maintenance information provided by SWAG Camper Trailers PTY LTD (customer care guide) to ensure that the product performs for the purpose intended.
  8. This Warranty covers NEW trailers only. Trailers sold as “EX Display or DEMO” or for commercial use, will have a limited warranty.
  9. The standard Warranty is void when used for commercial purposes i.e rentals, loan equipment or if the unit is being used as a permanent dwelling.
  10. No warranty is offered on products sold at auction, ex-demonstration, factory seconds, damaged or used product unless specified
  11. The warranty covers the original supplied Camper only. The Warranty DOES NOT cover the following items:
    • Appliances, parts and equipment which are not manufactured or supplied by SWAG Camper Trailers (for example a refrigerator, batteries, solar panels or customer modifications) are covered by the warranty of such items for the term offered by the manufacturer of such items.
    • Any defect resulting from overloading, misuse, negligence, accident, poor maintenance, or other cause beyond the direct control of Swag Camper Trailers.
    • Any defect resulting from fitting or installation of any accessories or options such as an altered toolbox or other items after the camper trailer has left the premises of Swag Camper Trailers.
    • Any rectification or other work required due to alterations in Local, State or Federal legislation which occurs after manufacture of the recreation vehicle.
    • Any consequential damages or repair work necessitated due to continued usage or towing after a defect has, or should have, become apparent to the purchaser or user.
    • Any accommodation or re-location expenses including fuel/freight. Loss of earnings or rents or other costs incurred before or whilst repairs under this warranty are being affected.
  12. Unless otherwise agreed in writing the unit must be returned to our factory for any assessment or warranty work. In this case the warranty does not extend to cover.
    • Any Transportation, accommodation, towing or recovery costs arising from a warranty claim are the responsibility of the purchaser unless stated in writing by SWAG Camper Trailers PTY LTD.
  13. Any Warranty Work/s performed by a third party/repairer must first be approved in writing by an authorised representative of SWAG Camper Trailers. Please refer to item 12.
  14. Works carried out will be solely at the manufacturer’s digression as to extent of the repair or replacement of parts.
  15. Any agents, suppliers, resellers or similar of SWAG Camper Trailers PTY LTD shall have no authority to authorise or deny warranty claims on behalf of SWAG Camper Trailers Pty Ltd.
  16. Canvas is covered by a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. Misuse, negligence, wear & tear are not covered. Items not covered under the standard canvas warranty are outlined in item 18.
  17. Extended 24-month (Total 3 years) is available on all Campers produced post 2020. This warranty covers the structural integrity of the canvas and does not include the items listed in item 15.
  18. The Canvas warranty does not cover any internal/external zips, flooring, mesh, stitching, seams, heat proofing, vinyl, velcro.
    • To make a Canvas claim the unit must be Returned to the place of manufacture. The claim does not extend to cover leaks if it is found that the tent has not been weathered correctly or has been overstretched during tent erection. Tents are not covered under warranty for usage of sprays on canvas.
  19. All Trailers come with guarantees that cannot be excluded under the Australian Consumer Law. In addition to our warranty, the consumer may also be covered by other rights and remedies of Consumer Law in relation to the goods and/or services to which this warranty relates.
  20. Warranty is subjected to our approval after a full inspection has been made from us to determine that the issues are genuine and not deliberate.
  21. Swag Camper Trailers & Hybrids are not designed for tight, undulating, or extreme 4WD tracks that are unsuitable for trailers. Consequently, they should not be used on such tracks, and any damage that may occur from unreasonable use in these circumstances will not be covered under warranty. The best and safest policy is to leave your camper as a base camp and explore unsuitable areas with your tow vehicle alone
  22. Return Policy – Please choose carefully to make sure the model of Trailer suits you and your needs. Wrong selection change of mind, minor variations in model, colour, specifications are not reason/s for a refund.
By submitting a claim, you acknowledge that you have read and understood the warranty terms and conditions set out above.
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