Built In Brisbane – SWAG Camper Trailers

Built In Brisbane – SWAG Camper Trailers



A quick message from our GM

Did you know that there are 2 distinct ways that imported Campers & Hybrid Vans come into Australia?

Type 1 –  The entire manufacturing and production of the unit is done overseas, including all electrical and gas plumbing. The units are then pulled out of a shipping container and handed over to a customer. Sure this saves thousands of $$ on overheads but you run several risks when purchasing a unit like this.

Type 2 – The shell is shipped over as a part assembled unit and then the QC, customisation and the fit-out is carried out by qualified Tradespeople in Australia.

SWAG Camper Trailers have always been upfront about where our campers come from. We are proud of our GLOBAL manufacturing partnerships. With that said, we have always focused our attention on preserving Australian Jobs and ensuring a quality product.


  • Our electrical & Gasworks are carried out by licensed electricians & plumbers who have small family-owned businesses right here in Brisbane.
  • We employ Aussie Tradies to build your campers and we engage with Australian Media companies to test and promote our business.
  • We fit and test every component of our camper trailers. Every suspension system, every water tank, every brake away controller, every wheel, every gas line, every 240v system and every charger.

When we say Built in Brisbane – SWAG Camper Trailers– WE MEAN IT…get in touch with us today to find out more. We have many exciting new products and features in the works. We want you to be the first to know!

Getaway with Camper Trailers

Getaway with Camper Trailers

With so many travel plans overseas now cancelled indefinitely, have you ever considered a getaway with camper trailers?

There are many benefits to camping, including going around supporting the small, local businesses during your stops, getting out in the fresh, open air and generally enjoying time as a family or a group of friends.

Now more than ever is the time for all Australians to:-

  • TAKE CARE of each other – we are all in this together!
  • SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS – buy your food from the local blokes – not the supermarkets.
  • EXPLORE – we have a beautiful & amazing country. Time to explore it.
  • REMEMBER – there are still communities suffering from drought and the fires – VISIT THEM.
  • THINK – If you are “crook” – stay at home until you’re better.

If you’ve been thinking about the best time to get away with school holidays around the corner, now is the time. Get yourself into a portable home and help out businesses doing it tough.

By buying a Swag Camper Trailer, you go a long way to helping us through what will be a stressful time for our economy. Be assured, we only use appliances that are well known Australian brands like Thetford, Camec, Lion, Narva etc. All plumbing, gas and electrical are fitted by qualified tradesmen here in Australia to comply with the local regulations. This is how we do our bit to keep locals in work.


Camper Trailers Finance Available

Camper Trailers Finance Available

Camper trailers finance can be an investment worth considering. Itching to head to a camper trailer destination these upcoming holidays? You’re not the only one! It has been proven that taking holidays as a family can create stronger bonds. However, not everybody has the available cash funds to buy a camper trailer outright. This is where SWAG can help you live the dream.

SWAG Camper Trailers has established relationships with market-leading finance providers making it even more convenient and affordable to own your own Camper Trailer or Caravan.

Why should you consider buying a camper trailer on finance?

We have listed below some primary reasons:

  • Take your home with you. There are no expensive hotel room fees at each destination. If you have a slightly larger than normal family, hotel rooms can add up quickly, to hundreds of dollars a night. With a camper trailer, you will only need to worry about a small site fee, and they offer a convenient and even luxurious home away from home.
  • Camping without compromising comfort. Camper trailers combine the simple joys of camping with a range of modern conveniences including comfortable beds, built-in kitchens and plenty of storage. You have gas for cooking, water storage for drinking and showering, and decent protection from the elements.
  • Cheaper than a caravan. With prices for basic camper trailers starting from less than $5k dollars, camper trailers are much more affordable than caravans. If you are looking for higher-end camper trailers that are equivalent to a caravan, the price will increase from there.
  • They’re easy to transport – Compared to a caravan, camper trailers are lightweight and small, making them much easier to tow with the standard family car.
  • Go exploring in more remote places. Camper trailers make it easy for you and your family to access out-of-the-way holiday destinations and escape the crowds of tourists.

These reputable companies offer comparative rates, low fees and easy repayment terms. We can offer finance through a number of lenders so you get the best loan to suit you. So why wait? Just fill out the online form and a finance specialist will contact you and get your application underway.

Camper Trailer Of The Year October 2019

Camper Trailer Of The Year October 2019

Our camper trailer of the year for October is the amazing Apache Side fold camper trailer. This camper trailer is the ultimate off-road tourer. There is nothing quite like it on the market.

With a snappy 30 Second Main tent set up, the Apache Side-Fold ticks the boxes when it comes to a perfect overnighter right through to a base camp in more remote locations. For pricing and full details check out the video or call us today on 1800 SWAG CAMPERS.

Why have we picked this tailer as the camper trailer of the year?

The Apache by SWAG Camper Trailers will make you rethink the way you look at Camper Trailers.  With a 30 second main tent set up, massive master bed, full kitchen and loaded with features to get you completely off-grid. This camper trailer is a stand out performer that is suited for singles, couples or families with older kids that are now in their own Swags. The Apache is super tough yet lightweight, Rugged yet head-turning and so simple to operate.

And did we mention easy to set up?

Why Is This Camper Trailer So Good?

  • Battery Management system with water level gauge, rocker switches, and battery isolator
  • Multiple Internal & External USB & 12v sockets
  • External Water & Gas outlets
  • 1 x 120ltr S/S Rear tank, fed from Seaflo water pump & John Guest Fittings
  • 2 x Gas bottles holders
  • 2 x 20l Jerry Can holders

If you are in the market for a camper trailer, the Apache Side-fold is definitely one to consider. Right now you can score this at our PRE-CHRISTMAS SALE PRICE of $20,990*. With $6000 worth of extras, you can’t go wrong with this trailer! Come and see us today or contact us via this website.

* excludes dealer delivery and registration charges

Camper Trailer Sale

Camper Trailer Sale

It’s that time for SWAG Camper Trailers to hold their camper trailer sale to make way for new stock! What does this mean? You can save thousands on a variety of the most luxurious and fully-equipped best camper trailers around.

Whether you’re looking for a compact camper trailer for short weekend getaways, or second-home type trailers for a longer trip away, SWAG Camper Trailers has the perfect camper trailer for you.

Why Choose SWAG Camper Trailers?

  1. We are an Australian-owned and operated business.
  2. Swag Camper Trailers have proudly manufactured Australia’s favourite Off-Road Camper Trailers & Hybrid Vans for over a decade.
  3. We produce high-quality camper trailers that are fitted with premium Australian components such as Monroe Shocks, Projecta, Evakool, and Smartek.
  4. Our vehicles are supported by exceptional customer service and we offer full Australia wide warranties. This means peace of mind that you are buying a quality product that can go anywhere with you.
  5. SWAG Camper trailers not only have a solid warranty on all products, we also offer customers a comprehensive service program. You can be sure your investment is looked after well into the future.
  6. Our vast experience means that when buying a trailer from SWAG Camper trailers, you become part of the family. We understand that you are making a long term financial commitment so you want to deal with a manufacturer that shows pride in their build rather then looking purely at price.
  7. Our team are always here to help. We have an experienced crew that can help trouble shoot most issues. When you speak to our staff you can be sure that you are talking to the team that actually put the trailers together.
  8. SWAG Camper Trailers has established relationships with market leading finance providers making it even more convenient and affordable to own your own Camper or Caravan. These reputable companies offer comparative rates, low fees and easy repayment terms. We can offer finance through a number of lenders so you get the best loan to suit you. So why wait? Just fill out the online form and a finance specialist will contact you and get your application underway.

You can check out our brochure for our camper trailer sale. Looking for a camper trailer? Go for the best camper trailer!