As the northernmost peak of mainland Australia, Cape York is on the bucket list of almost every four-wheel driver. The large, beautiful peninsula is renowned for its untouched wilderness and countless water crossings, and part of the joy of Cape York is the challenge.

Whether you are in a 2WD or something with a bit more power, before travelling to Cape York make sure your vehicle, and any camper trailer or caravan in tow is in excellent condition. The roads feature dust, harsh corrugation and numerous water crossings, and are largely the domain of 4WD enthusiasts. So, if you haven’t had some experience already, start practising your rough road driving.

Although getting to Cape York can be a bit of a trek, do not be surprised if you are met with hordes of like-minded travellers during peak season. If you are not bound by school holidays, try to head up in May or September to beat the crowds.

Forward planning is required for anyone wanting to stay in Cape York for a few days, but when booking well in advance of your travel, you will be spoilt for choice. There are a generous number of free camp sites to set up a tent, camper or caravan across the peninsula, while the various more permanent sites with amenities include Alau Beach Campgrounds in Umagico, Bramwell Junction Roadhouse, Cape York Camping Punsand Bay, and Endeavour Falls Tourist Park.

The countless waterways of Cape York feed into a generous number of waterfalls, which should not be missed when exploring this remote paradise. Many of the waterfalls are reached via the iconic Old Telegraph Track, a rough and challenging road that is only accessible during the dry season (May to October). Pack your camera and swimmers to truly enjoy these idyllic waterholes – although always check the latest local information before swimming (if allowed).

Six waterfalls you should not miss are:

  1. Endeavour Falls
  2. Isabella Falls
  3. Trevethan Falls
  4. Home Rules Falls
  5. Bloomfield Falls
  6. Cape York Waterfalls

As a peninsula, Cape York is not short of beaches where you can find a spot to set up camp and enjoy the sun setting over the water.

Before facing the rough roads to get up to Cape York, or perhaps on the way home, some places you should add to your bucket list while you find yourself that far north are:

  • The CREB Track: tackle Australia’s most challenging 4WD trails and soak up the beautiful rainforests between Daintree and Cooktown
  • Cape Tribulation: Visit the historic destination where Captain James Cook was finally defeated by the reef, and enjoy the magical place where the Daintree Rainforest and Great Barrier Reef meet
  • Cooktown: A legendary coastal town rich with history
  • Rinyirru (Lakefield) National Park: Journey from rich sandstone to grasslands, wetlands and vast river systems
  • Kutini Payamu (Iron Range) National Park: Explore Australia’s largest lowland tropical forest

Cape York is renowned for its remote wilderness and breathtaking natural beauty. Ranging from beaches to rainforest to rocky headlands, this northern tip of Australia’s mainland cannot be missed – and neither can the various locations you’ll pass on the way to get there!


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