What exactly is a shakedown test? A shakedown test comprises of 2-3 short trips taken close to home. The purpose of the shakedown is to thoroughly assess all the systems and features of your new camper and resolve any issues that may arise.

The process involves pressure testing the plumbing, testing electrical components under load, setting up the annexe, testing the hot water system, cooking meals and subjecting the doors, latches and locks to rigorous testing. This in-depth testing not only resolves any issues, it instils you with a better understanding of your camper and provide the confidence to go places you only ever imagined.

Our team rely on checklists to thoroughly inspect all components of your camper. Although we maintain stringent quality standards during the manufacturing and delivery process, certain systems benefit from real-world testing.

Please understand, all our campers, hybrids and off-road caravans are assembled right here on the Sunshine Coast by our dedicated team. But we are only human, and despite our best efforts we acknowledge the potential for minor issues. So please, take your time during these shakedown trips, test everything thoroughly, enjoy the experience, and if any issues should arise, please don’t hesitate to contact us.