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Did you know that over 50% of all vans sold in Australia are now imported? Did you know that 98% of products fitted to Australian made vans are imported?
There are 2 very distinct ways that imported Campers & Hybrid Vans enter the Australian market?
MODEL 1 –  The entire manufacturing and production of the unit is done overseas. Things like suspension, hubs, bearings, all 240v & 12v electrical as well as gas & plumbing all done behind closed doors – insert SCARY face here…
The units are then pulled out of a shipping container and handed over to the unsuspecting customer. The process is almost entirely unregulated and is the best way to make a quick buck – especially in a boom. The process saves thousands of $$ on overheads but you (the consumer)  run a huge risk when purchasing a unit like this.
The federal government introduced legislation in 2018 forcing ALL manufacturers (local & imported) to meet strict manufacturing standards (ADR). This process was meant to come into full enforcement in July 2022 however it has since been extended until July 2023. Effectively this means popup companies have another 12 months of not having to meet the Recreational Vehicle Standards (RVS) in Australia.
MODEL 2 – Each camper is designed in house and modeled using 3D cad drawings prior to any production taking place. The Cad drawings are then sent to an independent testing facility in Australia for approval. The manufacturing process is then licensed to an international factory in China. Control measures are put in place including checklists and data testing. The products are then sent to Australia and the Fitment of CRITICAL COMPONENTRY is undertaken in Australia.
Like the flight systems on an Aircraft, the Critical components of a caravan or camper are just as important.
SWAG Camper Trailers have always been upfront about where our campers come from and have proudly pioneered the MODEL 2 approach to manufacturing.
With that said, preserving Australian Jobs, remaining competitive and ensuring a quality product is a balancing act.
Every SWAG Camper, Hybrid Van or R.V. goes through our rigorous testing to ensure a premium product is produced to Australian Standards. We proudly use AUSTRALIAN SUPPLIED Products such as ARK, NARVA, PROJECTA, CAMEC, PREMIER ENGINEERING, MONROE, DOMETIC, TRUMA, LION BATTERIES, ASHDOWN INGRAM just to name a few.
Customers can be assured that on every SWAG product:
  • All 240v power systems are fitted by an Australian Licensed electrician.
  • All 12v power systems are fitted in Australia
  • All Batteries are supplied by an Australian company with nationwide warranty
  • All gas plumbing & systems are fitted by an Australian Plumber
  • All our bearings, hubs and drive systems are fitted in Australia by Australian Trades
  • All roof mounted assets are fitted in Australia
  • All hitches/couplings, brake-away system and jockey wheel is fitted in Australia.
  • The livery and decals are installed by Australian Sign-writers
So when we say Built in Australia – WE MEAN IT…
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