The Do’s And Dont’s Of Travelling In A Camper Trailer

Camping sites in Australia are one of the world’s premier camping destinations. One way to have a memorable experience to go camping is with a camper trailer. This is ideal for families since it literally becomes their second home. 

But before you hit the road, you must keep in mind that things may not go the way as planned. To avoid these, you and your family must know some practical tips on do’s and don’ts when traveling in a camper trailer. 

Camper Trailer Do’s

Be Conscious About Towing Laws.

Every state in Australia has different road and towing laws from each other. To avoid fines or to break any law, you must get your head around the rules and follow them to stay legal in all States and regions. 

Bring The Right Equipment.

It’s better to be safe than sorry. That’s why bringing the correct set of tools and equipment is a must. Some important tools you’ll be needing are a rear bar, tow ball, wiring connectors, tow bars, and safety chains. Take note that Campers & Hybrid Vans in Australia requires fitted safety chains. This is to prevent the trailer coupling from being disconnected while traveling. In fact, these chains hold the camper trailer in place. 

Make sure you buy the correct tools and equipment fit for your camper trailer. Just because you have these tools doesn’t mean it’s the suitable one for the camper trailer. Knowing this in advance will help you buy the right tools and equipment needed, and you don’t waste money on buying one that’s not right for your vehicle. You need to allot a budget in purchasing these tools and equipment as these are essential when using a camper trailer.

Inspect Your Camper

Now that you have the correct tools and equipment, you need to make sure your camper is in excellent condition. Inspect the batteries, gas connection, interior and exterior lights, taps, wiring, and anything that you might need in your travel. In case of emergencies, also ensure the working conditions of your backup generator or batteries.

Don’t forget to inspect both interior and exterior features of your camper, even the mesh screens, hinges, and poles. Checking the condition of your camper may show maintenance issues, but knowing these before traveling will save you a lot of trouble.

Check The Condition Of Your Tires.

Nobody wants to experience having to stop or be stranded in the middle of nowhere. Ensuring all tires, even the spare, are in pleasant condition can help avoid inconveniences. Check that there are no cuts, nails or screws, sidewalls, and air pressure problems. To make sure, get help from a mechanic to check your vehicle.

Camper Trailer Don’ts

Overloading Your Camper

Make sure you know your camper’s weight limit. Campers & Hybrid Vans in Australia have data nameplates. Your camper’s specification, such as its maximum weight, empty weight, axle ratings, and tire sizes, are on these nameplates. Because of this, there are risks when your camper carries heavy loads. This strains not only your vehicle and its own capabilities, but you have a high chance of putting you and your family, and other road users in danger.

You may contact the manufacturers for more information if you are unsure of your camper trailer’s weight or the towing limitations.

Don’t Camp In An Unsure Location

There are a lot of beautiful camping sites in Australia, and that means you get to choose where to spend your time in a remote area where it is secluded. But that doesn’t assure burglars and wild animals will not ambush you. To enjoy your camping with your family, you must not take any chances when it comes to safety—camp in a secure access area in case of an emergency.

Don’t Pick Hitchhikers

When you’re on the road and you see someone who needs help, one can’t help but extend a helping hand to them. You don’t know what’s going on in other people’s mind, they might have a hidden agenda. It’s wise in refraining from picking up hitchhikers or strangers. Better to be alert and never let your guards down

Don’t Leave Without Safe Brakes

There is no better way than to put emphasis on this matter. If you’re sure that your brakes are working properly, check again. It is better to check your brakes all the time and be 100% sure than risking you and your family’s life.

Now that you have prepared everything listed above, you must never forget to bring the apparent stuff needed for camping: food and water. You should see that you have enough supply in case anything happens.

On top of that, even if you have your credit card, prepare cash when you need to buy or pay something just in case you’re in a remote place.

Learn More About Camper Trailers

Get in touch with SWAG Camper Trailers for more information about camper trailers and on how to use and care for them properly. They’ll assist you in finding the camper trailer that best suits your needs. 





Built In Brisbane – SWAG Camper Trailers

Built In Brisbane – SWAG Camper Trailers



A quick message from our GM

Did you know that there are 2 distinct ways that imported Campers & Hybrid Vans come into Australia?

Type 1 –  The entire manufacturing and production of the unit is done overseas, including all electrical and gas plumbing. The units are then pulled out of a shipping container and handed over to a customer. Sure this saves thousands of $$ on overheads but you run several risks when purchasing a unit like this.

Type 2 – The shell is shipped over as a part assembled unit and then the QC, customisation and the fit-out is carried out by qualified Tradespeople in Australia.

SWAG Camper Trailers have always been upfront about where our campers come from. We are proud of our GLOBAL manufacturing partnerships. With that said, we have always focused our attention on preserving Australian Jobs and ensuring a quality product.


  • Our electrical & Gasworks are carried out by licensed electricians & plumbers who have small family-owned businesses right here in Brisbane.
  • We employ Aussie Tradies to build your campers and we engage with Australian Media companies to test and promote our business.
  • We fit and test every component of our camper trailers. Every suspension system, every water tank, every brake away controller, every wheel, every gas line, every 240v system and every charger.

When we say Built in Brisbane – SWAG Camper Trailers– WE MEAN IT…get in touch with us today to find out more. We have many exciting new products and features in the works. We want you to be the first to know!

Getaway with Camper Trailers

Getaway with Camper Trailers

With so many travel plans overseas now cancelled indefinitely, have you ever considered a getaway with camper trailers?

There are many benefits to camping, including going around supporting the small, local businesses during your stops, getting out in the fresh, open air and generally enjoying time as a family or a group of friends.

Now more than ever is the time for all Australians to:-

  • TAKE CARE of each other – we are all in this together!
  • SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS – buy your food from the local blokes – not the supermarkets.
  • EXPLORE – we have a beautiful & amazing country. Time to explore it.
  • REMEMBER – there are still communities suffering from drought and the fires – VISIT THEM.
  • THINK – If you are “crook” – stay at home until you’re better.

If you’ve been thinking about the best time to get away with school holidays around the corner, now is the time. Get yourself into a portable home and help out businesses doing it tough.

By buying a Swag Camper Trailer, you go a long way to helping us through what will be a stressful time for our economy. Be assured, we only use appliances that are well known Australian brands like Thetford, Camec, Lion, Narva etc. All plumbing, gas and electrical are fitted by qualified tradesmen here in Australia to comply with the local regulations. This is how we do our bit to keep locals in work.


Camper Trailer QLD Tips & Tricks

Camper Trailer QLD Tips & Tricks

Whether you want to go camping with the family at Karingal Scout Campsite, Main Beach Camping Grounds, or someplace else, things will go a whole lot better if you do it in a camper trailer QLD. But before you can make an informed decision, there are certain things you need to know. Here’s a look at how to get the right trailer and what to do once you have one of your very own.

Make Sure the Camper Trailer Can be Safely Towed by Your Vehicle

The worst thing to do is to buy a camper trailer that is too big or too heavy for you to tow safely with your vehicle. Make sure you know how much your vehicle is capable of towing and then find a suitable trailer. When considering the camper trailer weight, don’t forget to factor into the equation the cargo, fuel, and water you will carry in your trailer. That’s the only way you can arrive at an accurate tally.

Practice Makes Perfect

Before you hit the open road in your camper trailer, you need to familiarize yourself with it. You don’t want to come across any difficulties on an actual trip that could have been sorted out had you spent some time getting familiar with your camper trailer. Here are some things to be mindful of:

  • Practice hooking up the camper trailer to your vehicle.
  • Spend time learning about the features of your camper trailer. You’ll want to familiarize yourself with the layout, the compartments, the appliances, the water system, and more.
  • Take some test drives so that you get accustomed to towing the camper trailer. Focus on driving, changing lanes, entering and exiting highways, parking, and backing up.

Make a List of What You’ll Take

It also makes sense to make a list of everything you and your family will need. While it’s better to overpack than to under pack, you still don’t want to go overboard. If you pack too many things, the weight of your camper trailer might exceed the amount your vehicle can tow safely. Your list should include the following headings:

  • Power source–propane, gas, or diesel
  • Bedding–sheets, comforters, sleeping bags, and pillows
  • Toiletries–toilet paper, washcloths, towels, soap, and hand sanitizer
  • Cleaning–dishwashing liquid and sponges
  • Cookware–pots and pans
  • Kitchenware–plates, cutlery, salad bowl, paper towels, and napkins
  • Clothing–clothes and footwear
  • Other Stuff–first aid kit, medications, and bug spray


By following these tips, you can successfully enter the fun world of camping in your very own camper trailer QLD. When you’re ready to look at some camper trailers, give us a call or visit us in person. We’ll be pleased to assist you!

Essential Camping Trip Items

Essential Camping Trip Items

Some essential camping trip items are needed whether you have a luxury camper trailer, or a tent on an unpowered campsite. The holidays are approaching quickly, so SWAG decided our latest post will be a list of essential camping trip items to take.  Without further ado, here we go!

  • Food, something that can be cooked on a campfire or portable gas grill like sausages, steak, grilled veggies etc. You will need an esky if there is any meat. Try and get foods that won’t spoil easily if you are camping for a while. Alternately, buy food on the day if you can.  So much easier to set up, cook and clean.
  • Cooking supplies: If your area doesn’t have fire enabled campsites then some sort of portable gas grill will be required. Check out somewhere like Big W or Kmart. Outdoor stores have some great backpacking options but a cheap propane stove will suit the more budget-conscious. Make sure to bring utensils, plates, cups, and cooking materials. Camping pots and pans are useful just because they store away much smaller, but. I tend to use plastic plates, and a couple of mugs too.
  • Sleeping bag and insulated mats. Air mattresses shed heat and make you freeze in the night. If you are one of the lucky ones to own a SWAG camper trailer, you won’t need to worry about the mattress!
  • Headlamps, flashlights are awkward when you trying to do anything at night. Headlamps are far superior. Lanterns are rather nice as well for camping, you will just need to be aware of the flammability.
  • Toiletries. Even in places where they have toilets having your own supply of toilet paper and hand sanitizer is a good way to go.
  • An Esky or two. Yes, for car camping this is essential. You would also need this to store food. Having a cooler for water with a spout is also very helpful.

That’s the essentials, but there are other nice-to-have camping trip items to bring:

  • Guidebooks for things to do the next day
  • Folding Camp Chairs
  • Blankets for around the fire, and in case it gets too cold at night
  • Pillow
  • A tarp, maybe two
  • Big plastic tub for washing up plates & cutlery

This list is by no means exhaustive but is a good start for your trip. A lot will depend on your destination, camping location and facilities available. SWAG Camper trailers have some of the best-equipped camper trailers on the market and some super deals. Why not check us out today!


Camper Trailers Finance Available

Camper Trailers Finance Available

Camper trailers finance can be an investment worth considering. Itching to head to a camper trailer destination these upcoming holidays? You’re not the only one! It has been proven that taking holidays as a family can create stronger bonds. However, not everybody has the available cash funds to buy a camper trailer outright. This is where SWAG can help you live the dream.

SWAG Camper Trailers has established relationships with market-leading finance providers making it even more convenient and affordable to own your own Camper Trailer or Caravan.

Why should you consider buying a camper trailer on finance?

We have listed below some primary reasons:

  • Take your home with you. There are no expensive hotel room fees at each destination. If you have a slightly larger than normal family, hotel rooms can add up quickly, to hundreds of dollars a night. With a camper trailer, you will only need to worry about a small site fee, and they offer a convenient and even luxurious home away from home.
  • Camping without compromising comfort. Camper trailers combine the simple joys of camping with a range of modern conveniences including comfortable beds, built-in kitchens and plenty of storage. You have gas for cooking, water storage for drinking and showering, and decent protection from the elements.
  • Cheaper than a caravan. With prices for basic camper trailers starting from less than $5k dollars, camper trailers are much more affordable than caravans. If you are looking for higher-end camper trailers that are equivalent to a caravan, the price will increase from there.
  • They’re easy to transport – Compared to a caravan, camper trailers are lightweight and small, making them much easier to tow with the standard family car.
  • Go exploring in more remote places. Camper trailers make it easy for you and your family to access out-of-the-way holiday destinations and escape the crowds of tourists.

These reputable companies offer comparative rates, low fees and easy repayment terms. We can offer finance through a number of lenders so you get the best loan to suit you. So why wait? Just fill out the online form and a finance specialist will contact you and get your application underway.

Camper Trailer Of The Year October 2019

Camper Trailer Of The Year October 2019

Our camper trailer of the year for October is the amazing Apache Side fold camper trailer. This camper trailer is the ultimate off-road tourer. There is nothing quite like it on the market.

With a snappy 30 Second Main tent set up, the Apache Side-Fold ticks the boxes when it comes to a perfect overnighter right through to a base camp in more remote locations. For pricing and full details check out the video or call us today on 1800 SWAG CAMPERS.

Why have we picked this tailer as the camper trailer of the year?

The Apache by SWAG Camper Trailers will make you rethink the way you look at Camper Trailers.  With a 30 second main tent set up, massive master bed, full kitchen and loaded with features to get you completely off-grid. This camper trailer is a stand out performer that is suited for singles, couples or families with older kids that are now in their own Swags. The Apache is super tough yet lightweight, Rugged yet head-turning and so simple to operate.

And did we mention easy to set up?

Why Is This Camper Trailer So Good?

  • Battery Management system with water level gauge, rocker switches, and battery isolator
  • Multiple Internal & External USB & 12v sockets
  • External Water & Gas outlets
  • 1 x 120ltr S/S Rear tank, fed from Seaflo water pump & John Guest Fittings
  • 2 x Gas bottles holders
  • 2 x 20l Jerry Can holders

If you are in the market for a camper trailer, the Apache Side-fold is definitely one to consider. Right now you can score this at our PRE-CHRISTMAS SALE PRICE of $20,990*. With $6000 worth of extras, you can’t go wrong with this trailer! Come and see us today or contact us via this website.

* excludes dealer delivery and registration charges

Camper Trailer SA Destinations

Continuing our travel around Australia, this article will be camper trailer sa destinations. 3 amazing places to consider visiting on your next trip.

Cable Bay Campground – Innes National Park

For those people who enjoy camping on a beach with the sun, surf and sand, Cable Bay Campground is the first choice! Located just over 3 hours away from Adelaide, Innes National Park has many beautiful, natural features to investigate which include tucked away beaches, incredible limestone cliffs and dense bushland perfect for hiking. There is also a marine park and a shipwreck!

There are many activities you can do at this campground, including:

  • fishing
  • surfing
  • snorkelling
  • canoeing
  • bushwalking

If you’re looking for a non-crowded area to get away for quiet rest and relaxation, this should be your first stop with your camper trailer sa.



Stringybark Campground – Deep Creek National Park

This campground is found about an hour south of Adelaide. Home to a multitude of natural wildlife, it is best suited for tents and camper trailer sa. This is one of the best areas for bushwalking and enjoying nature. While you’re on your walks, you can even play games of eye spy to search for locals such as

  • western grey kangaroos
  • echidnas
  • a wide variety of bird species

Facilities include toilets and hot water showers and there is a low entry fee for this area. There are no powered sites, so you will need to take this into consideration. You will also need to bring your own drinking water.

Particular spots to check out include Blowhole Beach (you will need a 4WD), Cobbler Hill and the spectacular view to Kangaroo Island.


Talia Caves

Talia Caves is located on the Eyre Peninsula, 2 hours south of Port Lincoln. This place is a true bush camping experience with no toilets or water facilities. Its main talking point is the monsterous sandstone cliffs known as “The Tub” and “The Woolshed”. Fishing is possible, however you will need to take caution as the beaches and the ocean can be quite rough.

This is a site for more experienced campers, therefore less family-friendly as the previously mentioned camper trailer sa destinations above.


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Camper Trailer Western Australia Destinations

western australia

Camper Trailer Western Australia Destinations

Western Australia is a beautiful state that covers a third of the entire country. The one state taking up 2.6 million square kilometres. It’s made up mostly of parched, dry outback. But, that just gives it the reputation of being known for it’s amazing landscapes. Also, most of the population lives in the south-west corner of the large state. This time in this article, there will be four locations instead of three.


Coral Bay, Ningaloo Reef

Our first area for Camper Trailer Western Australia is Coral Bay located in Ningaloo Reef. And, just by the name you can tell it is a marine paradise. Known for it’s spectacular coral gardens and white beaches. Coral Bay hosts a small seaside town. The great thing about Coral Bay is the all year round beach weather. And for good reason. Such as, floating around with the local manta rays or swimming along with sea turtles. there is also opportunities to learn how to dive or if you’re more of a land person there is quad bike trekking.



Like Coral Bay, This place is all about the stunning ocean views. Kalbarri is located six hundred kilometres North of Perth. Known for the seaside cliffs and rocky gorges and the local dolphins and Humpback Whales that like to hang around. Hawkes head lookout is definitely one place to visit whilst in Kalbarri. The most important place to visit is the very famous Pink Lake, that is, yes pink. Also has a boardwalk beside the Island rock and natural bridge.


Francois Peron National Park

Francois Peron National Park was once a pastoral station. The park’s northerly tip, has picnic tables, toilets, interpretive signs and beach access. An impressive array of marine life can be seen from two lookouts perched on the cliff at nearby Skipjack Point Lookout. Which is unmissable. large red dunes and thirsty shrub land next to light clear blue water. This place offers remote camping sites and access to beaches and fishing spots.


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Camper Trailer NSW Destination

camper trailers nsw

Following our previous blog post, this article will be camper trailer nsw destinations. 3 amazing places to consider visiting on your next trip.

Diamond Head Campground

First up is one for the hikers and explorers. Diamond Head is a beautiful beach side campsite with stunning views of the water and surrounding forest and mountains. It includes caravan sites and picnic amenities, making this a very popular destination around the Crowdy Bay National Park area. This place provides barbecue facilities, showers, toilets, amenities block and picnic tables.

After all the site seeing you can do from the comfort of your own camping grounds, there are plenty of other hiking tracks to check out.Such as the Diamond Head loop walk that shows off Crowdy Bays amazing coastline. And also the Forest walk track for a more rain forest, waterfall and rivers kind of scenery.


Trial Bay Gaol Campground

This campground is found on a point called Arakoon National Park in the north coast region. Another beach side camping ground with spots for tents, motorhomes and camper trailer nsw. Trial Bay Gaol offers an amenities block, picnic table, toilets, barbecue facilities, boat ramp, cafe/kiosk, car park, drinking water, showers and electric power. Bring your boat along if you have one, to take advantage of the great fishing this place offers. Come between the months of Jan and Apr for marlin season. There is also swimming at the front beach. Or visit the historic ruins of Trial Bay Gaol and learn about the prison constructed in the late 1800’s. And as well, this place provides stunning hiking tracks. A couple of them taking you out to the Trial Bay lighthouse.

Overall, this place is highly rated. And if you don’t want to go at a really busy time, avoid school holidays. Places like this are always busy on school holidays, this one can be to the extent of being booked out.


Mungo Brush Campground

Mungo Brush is located in the Myall Lakes National Park again in the north coast region. This place includes picnic tables, barbecue facilities, boat ramp and of course toilets. It is right next to the lake which mean there are great opportunities for a kayak or canoe. Which can take you down the Myall river to Hawkes Nest. There is also fishing either on land or as mentioned before there is a boat ramp. swimming is also on the table being just a short walk from the campgrounds. Also a popular place to fish and sailboard.

You could also visit the Point Stephens lighthouse on Fingal Island, which is only accessible by water transport. There you can learn about the historic ruins. At Tomaree National Park you can visit the WWII gun emplacements. Where you can discover the military history of Port Stephens on a free guided tour. And once again there is also plenty of hiking tracks.


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